Prices for opening doors, repairs and fitting cylinders may vary depending on distance and time of day. To provide you with a reasonable estimate we need exact information concerning the type of lock or cylinder and the general situation.


Information you can provide to help us give you a good estimate:

(A nightlatch lock (Yale/LIPS/Nemef/Zeiss-Ikon/Cisa) is typically fitted to a wooden door. From the outside of the door you would use a Yale type key to open the lock by turning the key to retract the latch on internal Yale type lock body. However, as the name suggests it can also be deadlocked using the key. Some models deadlock by turning the external key ant-clockwise a full turn and removing the key, which then locks the internal finger turn preventing the door from being opened from either side without the key. Other models have an additional keyhole on the internal lock body of the door that can be deadlocked in a similar way, preventing the door from being opened from either side without the key. A mortise lock is fitted into a recess in the side of the door and operated from the inside with the aid of a doorhandle.)

  • Do you have any extra locks like a “penslot“? (DX, Nemef, LIPS, Zeiss Ikon)
  • What brand of eurocylinder do you have?


  • Are there any other anti-burglary/security materials fitted?

(SecuStrip, Anti-Inbraak/Veiligheids beslag, Kerntrek beveiliging, high grade “three star” eurocylinders)

  • Is the door/doorpost or lock badly damaged?

(In case of burglary cylinders may be “pulled” and locks may be warped. In some instances the doorpost/frame will have split.)

  • Has the “strike” been damaged?

(The strike is the metal box or plate screwed to the doorpost)

  • Can you send us photos of the lock/damage and/or situation?

(Send photos to: or text message our technician. Caution: please always ask for the technician’s personal phone number!)


The more specific the information you provide, the faster our technicians will be able to help you.

  • Opening a door
  • Fitting a new cylinder
  • Replacing a Yale (Nightlatch) lock
  • Opening a “penslot
± € 85,- tot € 105,-*
± € 85,- tot € 125,- (bijv. DOM profiel cilinder 2** SKG)
± € 145,-
± € 85,-


      • In case of emergency prices may be higher than normal depending on where our technicians are and how much work we have. In such cases, the technician will inform you beforehand.
      • All agreements, including verbal agreements made over the telephone, are legally binding.
      • Cancelling is possible, but you must inform us at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment otherwise we may charge you call-out fees. (75% of the standard fee for call-outs.)
      • All quotes include VAT (21%) and a 5 year warranty.


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*All prices on this page are estimates. Fees may vary depending on how busy we are and how far our technicians need to travel. The average time for a technician to reach you is 30 minutes although we often manage to arrive sooner.

**Discounts are intended to encourage local business and cut costs by reducing driving a parking expenses.