Locked out?

Broken lock? Lost keys? Locked out? What can I do?


Locked out? Call: 0652333817
Locked out? Call Slotenmaker Den Haag: 0652333817

It can happen to anyone: you leave the house and shut your door, and while you are closing it, you realise you have forgotten your keys inside. Don’t worry, help is at hand! Our technicians will be with you soon! We only work with locksmiths who live in The Hague. They know the city well and can get around all the one-way streets and roadworks. On our scooters we can reach you within 30 minutes. Slotenmaker Den Haag: the locksmiths you can rely on!

Tel: 0652 333 817

Many of our competitors use the search term “slotenmaker den haag” or “locksmith The Hague” but we are the only firm registered under that name with the Chamber of Commerce. See for yourself! Most of the competition comes from outside the city. That is why they can never keep their promise to help you within 30!

How long will it take? With you in 30 minutes … really!

Our technicians get around the city on scooters. We don’t use cars or vans because there is so much building going on and nowhere to park. This is how we service the entire Hague area within 30 minutes. Even Locksmiths established within The Hague can’t reach you very quickly by car or van: they always waste time struggling with road closures, one way streets and the lack of parking space. We are the only firm that can reach you in 30 minutes!

What will it cost to open my door or replace a lock?

Because we don’t incur extra expenses driving cars and vans and parking we can offer you a competitive price for most of our services. Find out more by following the link below.

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